Professional Presets - Mobile


Professional Presets - Mobile


Quickly brighten and color correct your photos with these professional mobile presets. This preset bundle consists of 7 different color correcting filters including 2 indoor variations and 5 outdoor variations. Lighting situations may vary and more adjustments may need to be made, but these seven options are made to help with each of the following scenarios.

Indoor - With Flash, Indoor - Warm, Outdoor - Shade, Outdoor - Dusk, Outdoor - Sunset, Outdoor - Greens, and Outdoor - Sparklers.

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Downloading instructions-

First, you will need to download the free Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile App. You will then need to “sign up,” (don’t worry this is free.)

Download and open the file to your phone. (This can be to any one of your files). Once the file has been unzipped and downloaded, open the file and save each image to your camera roll. (The images will not be able to be viewed because of the file type and will be in your camera roll as a blank image.)

Open up the Lightroom CC Mobile App and create a new album. Under albums at the bottom, click the + sign on the far right to add an album. Title this “Everyday Presets.” Once this album has been created you will add each of the photos you previously saved from the download to this album. You will do this by clicking the blue photo icon with the little plus sign on the bottom right of the app (you must be in the “Everyday Presets” album). Add all eight photos to this album and you should see them appear with the title DNG on the image.

Yay, now you have your presets!

Using the presets with your photos -

First you will need to add the photo or photos you wish to edit to your App. You an do this by clicking on “All Photos” and adding a photo using the blue image icon in the bottom right corner. (The same as when you added the original images with the presets). Once the images you want to edit are added to the App, you will need to go into the “Everyday Presets” album and click on the image you wish to use as the filter. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen and then select. “Copy settings,” and then click, “ok.” Then you will need to back out of the album to go to your photo gallery in Lightroom. Select the photo you are wanting to edit, click the three dots in the top right corner and select, “Paste settings.” You can continue doing this until you find the preset you wish to use on the image. You can also make your own tweaks to the photos after the preset has been pasted. Some popular adjustments that may need to be made is the warmth of the image (yellow slider), or the brightness of the image. To save the photo click save button on the top right corner, and select “Save to camera roll.”