Coffee Shop - Mobile Presets


Coffee Shop - Mobile Presets


This Lightroom Preset is used to create high quality edits using the free Lightroom CC app. This is the perfect way to enhance your photos if you are a small business owner, blogger, or anyone who wants to step up their photo game.

The COFFEE SHOP preset is intended to create a bright and warm minimalistic look. This is the perfect addition to your coffee and cozy indoor decor photos. This bundle includes 5 presets.

Download includes:

-.dng file for mobile Lightroom

-installation guide

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Download and open the file to your phone. (This can be to any one of your files).

**If the link does not pull up, try copying and pasting the zip file into Safari.

A preview should appear where you can “Open in Files.” Once you select a location for these files, you will be able to “Preview content.”

From here you should see blank titled pages with your presets. Save each image to your camera roll. (The images will not be able to be viewed because of the file type and will be in your camera roll as a blank image.) Find the “Preset Download Guide EPUB publication” (bundled in with the presets) and save this to your Files App. Back out of the current file and you will be able to open up the Preset Download Guide. You can screenshot these instructions for reference while setting up the presets in your Lightroom App.