Invest in your business


1 hour casual learning session covering any of the following topicsโ€ฆ

Organization and workflow, editing in Lightroom, posing techniques, manual camera settings, social media platforms, vendor relationships, blogging, and SEO basics.

* Headshots can also be added *

Heck yes, I need this!

When running a small business it is important to have quality photos to promote your products or services. Potential customers and clients trust businesses that are willing to invest in this category. Below are just a few services I provide for my fellow small business owners!

  • Updated Headshots

  • Product Photos

  • Storefront Photos

  • Website Content

  • Social Media Content

  • Lifestyle Photos

Authentic Headshots

Thereโ€™s no doubt that it is crucial to be yourself when it comes to branding your business.  Finding your unique qualities that make you stand out from the crowd and being able to relate with your audience is a successful way to build your brand. I love getting really creative with headshots and allow your personality to come alive in photos.

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