Behind the Scenes 2017

I can't believe 2017 has actually come to an end. Having 28 weddings my first year of business was just absolutely incredible. I will always remember the nerves I had before each bride walked down the aisle, to the late nights editing with chocolate Chex Mix and New Girl playing in the background. My favorite part of this year was definately all the friends I gained from this side hustle of mine. I am so happy to have chosen this path and can't wait to see what is in store for 2018!

Here are some behind the scene photos of me doing my thing. I'm hoping to get even more selfies with my couples this year!

Perfecting hair, because it is a must.

I honestly have no words other than I was just working those angles!


Donuts are my favorite!


The things I do during a wedding day...


I'm also a wedding planner, family coordinator, and tiny button expert.

Smiling because I love my job! :)


Stealing pretty bouquets.


My goal next year is to get a photo with ALL of my couples!

I had to get a photo with THE CUTEST RING BEARER!


And of course all the selfies. (In the last photo I was helping out a groomsman with a bet. We took a selfie on my camera.) For some reason I couldn't find any selfies with my girl, Roxy. She's the pretty blonde that's always on my story! We love our wedding day selfies! :) 

2017 you were AMAZING! I can't wait for 2018!