April Fools Proposal

A couple of weeks ago I was able to capture my second proposal! Although I would consider weddings to be pretty high pressure, most of the big moments during a wedding I can expect and be ready for. Proposals, however, are way more unpredictable. Plans can change in minutes, and as a photographer, you need to attempt to not look like a weirdo casually following people with your camera. It sure is a thrill and I was so happy to help out an old high school friend capture his big moment!

Below is their story told by the future Mrs...

"Zak and I met freshman year of college in 2013 after one of my sorority sisters asked if I needed a date to our winter formal since she was going with one of his teammates from the soccer team. I said yes, and she sent a picture of the team and asked which one I wanted to go with. I picked Zak out of that picture, and we started talking and hanging out a little before the formal, hitting it off immediately. 

For the next few months, we talked on and off but neither of us were sure we were ready for a steady relationship. When we started hanging out and going on dates more and more, we were in that phase where I wasn't sure if we were "exclusive" so I'd bug Zak about whether or not we were going to start being each other's significant others. On April 1st of 2014, we were hanging out at his apartment at school when he asked me to be his girlfriend. For a split second my eyes lit up, but knowing Zak's history of jokes and pranks I was quickly brought to reality of the date: April Fools. I was immediately so embarrassed when he started laughing and I knew it really was a joke. So mean right?! Luckily he apologized, and a couple months later we were officially together. (He's matured a lot since then!)

Fast-forward to April 1st 2018; Zak and I have been together for nearly four years, both graduated college with honors and have careers we love. After church with both of our family's, we headed to brunch at my favorite spot with views of the Columbus skyline and the Scioto River. My mom asked to get a picture of my sister and I down by the water, so we walked down the hill when everyone stopped walking and Zak went ahead of the group. When we got to the water, Zak said "Remember what I did to you four years ago? I hope this makes up for it." He got down on one knee and asked if I'd be with him forever. Needless to say had I forgave him since then, and I said YES!"