How to blog when you're not a blogger


So, how and why do you need to blog if you are not a blogger? This one hits home for me, because blogging stresses me the heck out, but I understand the importance it has when it comes to running a successful business. I truly believe I’m a terrible writer and I’m usually changing the entire outline of the blog at least ten times before I actually press, “Publish.”

So, you may be thinking… Why is it even necessary for a photographer to have a blog? It’s obviously not a requirement, and many photographers don’t use a blog, but I’ll go over a few reasons why I think it is so important.

First off, it is a great opportunity for you to share more of your work without blowing up your followers’ Instagram feed or stories. We photographers pretty much still do this anyway, but this allows you to show off some of your favorite photos that don’t exactly match the flow of your Instagram feed. I like to do this so I can include photos from receptions or maybe a favorite black and white photo that I can’t seem to fit in well with my Instagram feed. I originally started blogging just the weddings I photographed and then started posting more of my engagement sessions so potential clients can see more of my work. This ends up saving me a lot of time because interested couples can see full galleries on my blog and don’t need to request these from me.

Another big reason for photographers to blog is to, yes you guessed it… bump up those SEO rankings. This is the main reason why I am forcing myself to get out there and create consistent content for my followers. I have quickly seen the results it produces and with recently moving to a new city, I knew I needed to be on my game for this. The more times people are clicking on my website the better it looks for Google.

I also think blogging is a good opportunity for you to express more of your personality to your audience. My biggest struggle when it comes to writing is the tendency to be super formal, when this is not how I actually talk at all! If you struggle with this as well, keep reading because I’m sharing a few tips to help with this!

There is also the fear of putting yourself out there. What if nobody reads what I am sharing? Honestly, so what? If someone is not interested in my blog post, they don’t need to read it. That is okay! This content is for the people who want to go through my posts and want to read what I have to share. All that matters is you are providing content for the people who are looking for it from you.

So now we know the importance of blogging, but how do we make it easier for ourselves. Click here to download my freebie on how to blog when you’re not a blogger!