The Pros and Cons of each wedding season

Trying to decide which season to get married? I’m laying out a quick breakdown from a photographers point of view when it comes to each wedding season. Here you will find a few of my pros and cons for each season and by the end you will be able to decide which is best for you.

winter weddings


Snow flurries, cute fur coats, and pops of red are a few of the things that make winter weddings absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite weddings I’ve ever shot was in the winter and we lucked out with the first snowfall of the year! Being in the Midwest, weather is always a concern and is the biggest issue when it comes to having a winter wedding. You can prepare for the cold with some cute coats, but we never know if we will just have a plain gray winter backdrop for our photos. I suggest finding a venue with some gorgeous naturally lit indoor areas or a location with some pine trees nearby to add some color. The sun also sets at around 4pm which means all of the portraits will need to be done before the ceremony. A first look is also a must if you want any portraits together in the daylight. Please don’t forget the sun sets way early when scheduling your ceremony time!

fall weddings


The perfect chilly weather, gorgeous tree colors, and bon fires are a few of my favorite things when it comes to fall weddings. There are so many creative wedding ideas for the fall that I just absolutely love. There is just something about a chilly night and the smell of guest roasting up some s’mores outside that makes me all feel all warm and cozy. Fall is a very popular wedding time and will book up quickly. If this is a time you are wanting to choose, I suggest you get all of your favorite vendors booked asap so you can make sure you have who you want for your wedding day. Keep in mind the trees turn at different times each year and may not last if there is a big storm beforehand. I also suggest to prepare for football season. I’ve seen guests on their phones watching big games during the reception. I suggest brainstorming ideas on how to possibly include this at your wedding day to allow guests to still be there in the moment.

summer weddings


Summer is defiantly my peak of wedding season. Prepare for heat, sweating, and gorgeous colors for your wedding day. I’m a big fan of greenery in my weddings and love the summer because of it. Outdoor venues are my favorite, (click here for my top Ohio wedding venues) and utilizing this in the summer can be awesome! Who doesn’t love to be at a wedding when the sun is shining?! Indoor backup plans are not a bad idea given the chance of a pop up storm and bug spray should be on and around you at all times.

spring weddings


Spring can typically be considered off season for some wedding photographers and availability can be more open compared to the summer or fall months. Consider when the trees are still brown and when they are starting to bloom when choosing your spring date. If the trees are in bloom, allergy medicine should be kept on hand. Also keep in mind the midwest loves to throw a lot of rain down in the spring and you should have indoor backup plans for the ceremony and portraits. But don’t fear the rain! Clear umbrellas make for some really fun photos!

My biggest recommendation is to try to visit your venue during the season you plan on getting married. This always helps you get a better idea of what the landscape is like and what you can expect for your big day.