Exceptional Wedding Series IV

I decided to start a new blog series this year showing some of my favorite things from each of the weddings I photograph. Since I love to focus on creating a unique wedding experience for each of my couples and pride myself on sharing their personalities in my photos, this blog series has been a great way for me to showcase these unique details. I am sharing something specific that stood out to me from each wedding which I thought was special to the couple.

Jacquie & Jeff have one of my favorite unique details so far this year, but I may be a little biased because I am also a big fan of the show The Office. Jeff gave Jacquie a tea pot filled with notes and memories throughout their relationship to open the morning of their wedding day. I thought this idea was super cute and I’ll let Jacquie explain it in more detail below!


Where did this tea pot idea come from?
The idea came from the tv show, The Office. Jeff and I love the series and basically watch re-runs when we’re bored, which is a lot. When we finish the series we just start right back at the beginning!

In one episode, the office is celebrating Christmas and is doing a Secret Santa. Jim picked Pam as his secret santa. He knows that she’s really wanted a tea pot, so he gets her that and then secretly fills it with a bunch of items that are memories/inside jokes between the two of them, as well as a letter that shares his true feelings for Pam. However, during the episode Michael (the boss) decides to turn Secret Santa into a White Elephant gift exchange. Jim spends the entire episode trying to get back the tea pot so he can give it to Pam. In the end he succeeds, but he ends up taking out the letter that divulges his feelings. Regardless, Pam loves the tea pot and the little memories inside.

What was in the tea pot?
The tea pot was filled with things that represent different events/memories in our relationship. For example, it included the cork from the champagne that was popped during our engagement, a Penn State football game ticket from our first game we attended as alumni, a ticket to a Pirates baseball game, which was the first activity we did together after Jeff moved to Pittsburgh, and one of the first “raps” that Jeff wrote me....when we were in college he would write me raps and then leave them in my dorm room for me to find...cheesy I know.

Did this come as a surprise to you?
This was a total shock to me! I had no idea that this would have been my wedding gift. However, at the same time it doesn’t surprise me that Jeff would come up with an idea like this. He is really creative when it comes to gifts and he puts a lot of effort to incorporate things that have sentimental value to us. He is also really good at holding onto things as keepsakes. I joke that he is a little bit of a hoarder because he tends to keep things as mementos. I’m the type of person who tends to throw away a lot of things because I don’t like clutter. It drives me nuts sometimes when he has piles of random papers/knickknacks on his side of the dresser. However, it is nice in instances like this to have some of these things. It shows he truly does cherish our memories and relationship.

What was your favorite thing you opened in the tea pot?
My favorite thing was definitely the rap! He doesn’t attempt to rap or write raps anymore, so I actually kinda forgot that he used to do that. They were so dumb and cheesy and I would roll my eyes when he would read them to me, but at the same time they always made me laugh, which was always the point of them.