Wedding cross

Exceptional Wedding Series III

I decided to start a new blog series this year showing some of my favorite things from each of the weddings I photograph. Since I love to focus on creating a unique wedding experience for each of my couples and pride myself on sharing their personalities in my photos, this blog series has been a great way for me to showcase these unique details. I am sharing something specific that stood out to me from each wedding which I thought was special to the couple.

Addison & Michaela had an absolutely beautiful ceremony at a new venue I’ve never been to before. I loved every little detail from their wedding day, but what stood out to me the most was the gorgeous wooden cross they used at their alter for the ceremony. So, I asked Michaela a few questions about the cross below.

wood cross wedding ceremony

What made you decide to use this cross at your wedding?

For Addison and I both, our faith is the most important thing to us. And so we wanted our wedding to be a reflection of the love we have for each other, but also the love and relationship we live out each day with Christ. We did not want to be pushy, but we did want to show how passionate our love is for one another and for God. So in that, we didn't feel a need for a ceremony in a church, but just made intentional decisions about our ceremony. Addison's Dad is a pastor, and was the officiant, and really helped craft a ceremony that helped get our message across. However, as visual people we knew symbols were also sentimental to us and others. I have always seen pictures and loved a wood cross at outdoor ceremonies. We knew that we just wanted it to have simple decorations so it would be noticed, but not overshadowed - which Gina Lynne did an amazing job executing. The cross was meant to be the focus and at the center of the "altar" up front. The cross is where the ultimate act of love was shown, where Jesus Christ died for our sins so that we could live. For us, there is no greater symbol of love than the cross.

Who made the cross?

Addison's Dad is a pastor and also was the officiant of our wedding. So the cross came from their church that they built for their use and also let us use it for the wedding.

Any other notes about the cross you would like to share?

Addison and I love each other so so much and feel so blessed to be in each other's lives. Our love is so great, but we know it is possible because of God's love. Our marriage is bigger than us and that day was a celebration of us, yes. But ultimately a celebration of the love God endlessly gives to each one of us and that is the kind of love we hope our marriage is a reflection of the love that God gives to everyone.

wood cross wedding ceremony